Skyway 7 | Our Services
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Our Services

A successful product is more than just programming and design. We offer a complete set of services that elevate your product in today’s crowded market. We’re basically a swiss army knife for digital product development.

User Experience Design (UX)

Having a great idea is a wonderful thing, but if it isn’t visually intuitive to your user, it could slip through the cracks. Your audience needs to know where to click, swipe or tap to get the desired result or action that they want. UX is the visual clues that guide the public and help them navigate your website or mobile app.


User Interface Design (UI)

User Interface is the essential complement to the UX. While UX creates visual direction for the user, UI ensures that those directions function properly.


Software Development

Software Development ensures that the software behind your products is functional. Through computer programming, we design, test and fix bugs in all aspects of your website or app.

Server Management

A control tower of sorts, server management monitors and maintains your website or app. This is basically the hard drive to your product. We monitor and perform maintenance when needed to ensure that your app or website are functioning smoothly.


Creative Design

We care about the aesthetic of the products we create for our clients. Our creative design services help you look your best, and appeal visually to your target audience.

Web Development

It’s exactly what it sounds like. We build and develop your website based on your particular needs, goals and visions for your concept.

Mobile Development

We turn your ideas into highly functioning mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our focus is developing an app that’s innovative, easy to use and effective in the mobile space, while keeping the branding on target with your vision.

Social Media

Building a solid social strategy into your product is vital in today’s social landscape. We manage and build creative and engaging content through design for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We make sure your social communication is not only effective, but encomases a brand identity that represents the ethos behind your product.


Incorporating video into your product encourages more engagement from your audience. It can be used to explain how your product works, the ethos behind it or how it can benefit the public.


Search Engine Optimizing integrates keywords into your mobile application and website to gain a higher rank in searches. We make sure you have a leg up on the competition.